Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Just Signing In to Say Hello

It was back to the real world today after what seemed like a too-short weekend. The little people are with us tonight, so I'm afraid all of my creativity has been sucked up between attempting to trick them into eating their dinner (the "Clean Plate Club" has been resurrected) and coaxing Mathias to settle down and go to sleep. Actually, I drifted off myself during the latter process, which tells me an early bedtime might be a good idea for me, too. Perhaps then I'll have the energy tomorrow evening to scrape the macaroni and cheese off the kitchen floor and clean up the little fingerprints left everywhere from the weekend. There's the chaos on my stamp desk, too. Maybe I'll go tackle that for a while tonight. After all, I can't start something new until I get my old mess cleaned up.

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