Monday, October 29, 2007

More Snow Friends

I'm stuck on Snow Friends. To get all of the images on one card I opted to make a 3-1/2 by 8-inch card - my favorite 3-1/2 by 8-inch design in the Originals book. Actually, the images are a little big, which means I'm not 100 percent happy with the card. That's OK, however. These cute little snowmen make me smile anyway! Again, I used the Fall/Winter Creative Basics paper pack. I think I mentioned earlier that this paper is only available while supplies last. I may need some more! The good news is that there will be a new Creative Basics set in the next catalog. I think I said that in another post, too.

Today was a typical Monday, although I'll have to say that I'm not any busier at work on Mondays than I am any other day of the week. The nature of my work is unpredictable in a lot of ways, which keeps things interesting. I get writing assignments or requests from all over the building, even though I work in marketing. Tomorrow, those in the marketing department who wish to participate are having a Trick or Treat at Your Desk day, which means I need to find a recipe and head to the grocery store. Unlike some of the departments at Digi-Key, marketing doesn't do this type of thing often. If I were still in customer service, I am certain I would weigh 300 pounds by now. Those people were obsessed with food, using any and every excuse to have a "Food Day." It got a little competitive, too, which made me a little nuts. Tomorrow night, Cameron has his algebra class from 6 to 9, so the little boys will be here. We're going to carve pumpkins. That should be a hoot. It was last year. Later!!

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