Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Weak Moment . . .

I'm usually pretty darned true to Close To My Heart. However, when I saw this set of five little stick people, I could not resist. Aptly named "Stick People Set," these acrylic stamps are from Wordsworth, a stamp company I've always admired for its lovely word/sentiment stamps. Only in the past year or so has it begun to offer some acrylic sets. If you can't make out the sentiments, they are "So many sales, so little time," "In it for the argyle," "Jello?," "Welcome to the neighborhood," and "Howdy." In addition to the sentiments I used, there are several others in the set, including "Happy Retirement," "Mom Knows Best," "YeeHah!," "Fore!," "A Gift for You," and "Feel Better!" My fondness for these stamps might stem from all the stick people I remember drawing as a child. The golfer and the nurse amuse me the most, and the others are just plain cute. All are good for quick cards, as with images so simple, I can't imagine getting too elaborate with the rest of the design.

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