Saturday, November 3, 2007

Another Cricut Card

With paper laying all over the place and the Cricut ready to go, I decided to make one more card, again with the "Joys of the Season" cartridge. The papers are the same as the last card with a little Desert Sand added to the mix. The design is simple with a lot of layering to accent the focal piece. The dot on the "Joy" is a Cranberry brad. A lot of people ask about how to adhere Cricut cut-outs. I use a variety of methods. I used a Xyron Sticker Maker to add adhesive to the tree. I also use the temporary rather than the permanent adhesive. That way, if I goof, I can remove the piece and try again. While the adhesive is not permanent, the piece isn't going anywhere either. I didn't use the Sticker Maker for the Joy but rather used a glue stick to apply adhesive to the back of the piece. A glue stick can be kind of messy, but if you use a piece of scratch paper under the piece you're gluing and hold the piece so it doesn't slip around, you should have the same good luck I did. After I laid the glued piece on the card front, I blotted it with a near-dry baby wipe to remove any residual glue. For Cricut die cuts, I also use my full-size Xyron, a glue pen, and sometimes a tape runner. It all depends on the project, I guess.

Yawning every couple of minutes, I could go to bed. I'm trying to hang on for one more hour, because once I go to bed, I would really like to stay there until a respectable time tomorrow morning. I'm going to spend my hour straightening up Kathi's Corner so I can stamp again tomorrow. With that, I bid you good night!

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