Saturday, November 3, 2007

Another Quickie

I'm posting this for the idea factor, not because it's so darned great. It's a clipboard Post-It holder, a five minute project that involves covering a square paper coaster and an alligator clip with patterned paper. That's it. A magnetic strip could be added to the back. I saw this idea on another blog a little while ago and wanted to duplicate it before I forgot about it. The one I made would be better if either the coaster were larger or the Post-It note pad was smaller. The alligator clip should be the next size larger. I'm going to check on smaller Post-It pads and larger alligator clips during my next trip to WalMart, which I'm certain will be soon. I have a stack of 3-1/2 coasters that I haven't used yet, so buying more doesn't appeal to me, at least not this evening. The sample I saw also had ribbons tied to the top of the alligator clip, which made it cuter. When I replace the current clip with a larger one, I'll add ribbon, too. I'll also stamp a little sentiment or something on the top page. Anyway, I thought the idea was cute and that it would be a fun little item to tuck in a card or include in a gift basket.

I won't say good night again or claim that I'm going to bed, because who knows? As I'm sitting at the computer killing time, I might just see something else that I have to do now. Or, I might go to bed and be back up in a couple of hours. I've been called a lot of things. Predictable isn't one of them.

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Gerriann said...

I really like this idea. Great idea for stocking stuffers or as a gift tag with something extra! Thanks for sharing and I have enjoyed your blog consider it bookmarked!