Wednesday, December 19, 2007

By the Book

I don't remember the last time I copied a card from the catalog. I don't know why. It's certainly not that the catalog isn't full of great ideas. Maybe it's because the book is big, and my work surface is small. Anyway, without knowing exactly how the card in the book was made, what colors were used, etc., I gave it a shot and am pleased with how my card turned out. The colors are Colonial White, Garden Green, Indian Corn Blue, and Desert Sand. What piqued my interest in the card in the catalog was a technique I hadn't tried before. After stamping my snowflakes with Daisy White pigment ink on the blue piece, I used the fan brush from my Distressing Kit to dry brush it with the white paint that's also contained in the kit. I've seen very cool paint techniques but hadn't gotten around to trying any of them. It's fun, and I like the look. I like the green/blue color combination, too. Intrigued with the paint, I'm anxious to see what else I can do with it when life slows down a bit. For tonight, I'm off to bed. I've got a big day planned for tomorrow. Until then, thanks for stopping by!

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