Monday, December 10, 2007

New Again

I love it when something old becomes new again, and I was thrilled when I saw Rustic Flowers in CTMH's spring catalog. It was one of last year's Stamp of the Month sets that has been brought into the regular line. I don't think it will do much for my sales, however, because nearly everyone in my circle of friends/customers already has it. I don't care. We'll just have fun playing with it again and most likely, again! In my opinion, this set is as versatile as a stamp set gets.

As I'm too darned tired to lift an acrylic block tonight, this is a card I brought out of my stash. The colors are Colonial White, Bamboo, Outdoor Denim, Barn Red and I'm guessing, Sunflower. Either the sanding block I used was a course one, or I used a lot of pressure with the medium grit one I usually use, because the cardstock is pretty "beat up."

Like I said, I'm tired tonight. Mondays do that to me. It's going to be a busy week, too. We will have the little boys on Tuesday and Thursday while their daddy is at school, and we're planning to take them to see the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train on Friday evening. This will be the third year we've taken them to see the train, and I can't wait to see the look on their faces this year when they see Santa Claus. I'm also hoping that it isn't too cold or at the very least, that it isn't windy. I need to get some serious shopping done, too. While the kids will be easy to shop for, I have adults on my list that give me fits. Regardless, I'd best get with the program, especially if I plan to shop on the Internet and let the UPS man to do my legwork for me! Have a good week. Most likely, I'll be back . . .

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Pammie said...

Kathi do you sleep! LOL I love the pics of 'your boys'....they are so cute!