Saturday, January 5, 2008

Good Morning!

I thought it was still Friday, but the clock tells me different. Coming home to an empty apartment, I crashed on the sofa and just woke up an hour or so ago. This Rustic Flowers card is the result of a color combination I saw a week or so ago on the CTMH consultants' artwork board and one of several weird dreams I had while snoozing. The color combo is Twilight, Sweet Leaf, Chocolate, Bamboo, and White Daisy. While I don't remember the specifics, I dreamt of making a card with Rustic Flowers. Obviously, I'm so happy about seeing this stamp set back in the catalog, I dream about it! It is a favorite, and having it added to the regular line is like welcoming back an old friend. The sentiment stamp is April's Stamp of the Month, Express Postage. Most likely, you'll be seeing a lot of it, 'cuz I love it.

I don't have specific plans for the weekend. Our Christmas decorations need to come down, and as I've tripped a couple of times trying to get to my chair, I'd say that Kathi's Corner could use a little attention, too. I'm sure I'll be back later in the day, perhaps with a scrapbook layout. I haven't made one for months, and it's time to get back to it. Later!

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scrappernic said...

Fun card--love the colors. I am so happy Rustic Flowers is back! It was one of my favorites :) I love your word too. Serene is an ideal for me, but I know being full-time mom to two little boys, it isn't going to happen and that's ok. That's why I picked a word with more energy. And delight sounds a lot better than chaos ;-)