Tuesday, January 1, 2008


After my last post, I attempted to make a New Year's card and discovered that my mojo is still missing. I tossed my half-made card in the trash and walked away. If it's not there, it's not there. I'm not going to fight for it. Right now, I can't even tell you what I've been doing for the last few hours. I know I assisted Grandpa with a couple of little boys who didn't seem to want the party to end last night. I ended up laying in the bed with Mathias until he fell asleep. Bjorn finally gave in, too, and drifted off about the same time his brother did. It's funny how often that happens. With no one to kiss at the stroke of midnight (Grandpa is sleeping, too), I toasted in the New Year alone with a swallow of cold coffee and went back to my corner to make a card representative of what I want for 2008. The resulting card is simple. I'm determined to try to keep life simple. The stamped image reminds me of childhood, a simpler time. The New England Green cardstock was selected for a purpose, too. Green is a soothing, peaceful color. I yearn for peace - to live in a world where everyone gets along. If that can't be, I hope for peace in my home and my heart. If you were to follow my lead, what would your card look like? What are you dreaming for in the New Year? Whatever it is, I hope your dreams come true and that 2008 is your best year ever.


Jeanne said...

Hi Kathi~

Happy New Year! I've been reading your posts and know that you will find your mojo again. You're so right that you can't force it when it isn't there. I like the New Year card. There is definite beauty in simplicity.

Just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you and that I enjoy your blog tremendously, whether or not you post a project!

stampincuzILuv2 said...

Chin up!! You'll get your mojo back in no time:) After all the holiday creations it's just your mind and body saying give me a break...for a moment at least.