Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thanks and Have a Great Week!

I know I've said this before, but to those who leave comments or take the time to email me with a little feedback, thank you. As I do quite a bit of blog surfing myself, I know that it takes time. To any cyber stalkers (my son's term, not mine) who visit regularly, I'm glad you come by and hope that every now and again you find something that inspires you. My husband, who claims he doesn't like the sound of my keyboard but is actually jealous of my typing proficiency asked today, "Why do you do this?" I replied, "I dunno. I just do." I didn't add, "Get over it," like I was thinking or ask him when he's going to give up his love affair with his remote control. I was nice all day! I stamped like I was participating in a marathon this weekend. Tonight, however, when I sat down to make one more card, I found I was creatively drained. It happens every once in a while but never lasts long.

That's enough jabber. As much as I dislike going to bed on Sunday nights, common sense is going to reign tonight. I just wanted to say thank you and tell you I hope your week is wonderful. I'll catch you later!


Tracy W. said...

Kathi, I think your blog is awesome and love the work you do... Keep it up I plan adding you to my fave's in blogs!
Tracy w/ ctmh

Anonymous said...


Guilty of being a cyber stalker! My day is NEVER complete without checking your blog!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Susan in Naples, FL

Anonymous said...

Kathi, I am now a cyber stalker too but your blog is the best I read everything you type which I do not do to the rest of them. Keep on blogging.
Larie in Florida

twinkletoe said...

I guess I must be a cyber stalker too as I don't have my own blog. I do love to read yours and others though. Keep up the good work. Love your cards and hearing about your grandchildren.