Saturday, June 28, 2008


My card was inspired by this card on Silke's My Life blog. I'm frequently drawn to her clean, simple and yet, elegant cards, and I'll have to say that I truly enjoy making a card once in a while that has a little "white space."

Materials & Tools: White Daisy and Cocoa cardstock; Basic Grey Sugared 6x6-inch paper pad; Happy Birthday stamp set; Ribbon from Walmart; Chocolate Bigger Brads, mini brads; Just Blooms White Daisy Variety Pack; Scalloped scissors.

The day that I thought was going to be quiet didn't end up that way. A tenant who was moving knocked on my door to report that the elevator was "stuck." Luckily, no one was in it, just stuff that she was moving. Anyway, because I don't know anything about elevator maintenance, I had to call Marv who called Otis, which resulted calls to say that a repairman was being dispatched. As he was already on a call and was about 75 miles away, it was going to be a couple of hours before he could get here. In the meanwhile, the tenant was certain that because the fire department has an elevator key, a fireman could fix it. I had to get pretty firm in my instructions NOT to call the fire department. An individual who was helping her move wanted me to let her into the electrical room where the circuit breakers are, which warranted another firm "No." Once the repairman got here, I spent better than an hour or more with him, and as it turns out, the elevator is still broke and will be for several days. Because of the excessive amount of rain we've received, water has gotten into the trough where the electronics are, and it's shorting out.

The whole fiasco made me glad I have a day job and don't have to deal with this junk on a day-to-day basis. I'm only a little ornery about it, because it ate a chuck out of my day. Tonight, I feel like doing nothing, which means I'll probably veg out on the futon, watch a little TV, and probably wander over to my corner every now and again. If I'm not back tonight, I'm sure I will be tomorrow . . . As always, thanks for stopping.


Maricar said...

I, for one, love *your* clean and simple style. Yet another card for me to copy ... thanks Kathi! :)

Jeanne said...

Yeppers, like Maricar said...another card for me to copy. Whew...I'm not the only one you inkspire! :o)

Sorry about the elevator problems. Doesn't sound like much fun and I can believe you had to be pretty firm in your NO. Hope it gets fixed sooner rather than later!

Laurel said...

Fabulous! I have that sketch all ready to go but just didn't know what to do, you did a wonderful job with it!