Monday, August 25, 2008

An Up, Down, and Up Again Day

Here's another card that was inspired by Papercrafts' Cards, Gifts & More - Paper Crafting 3 Ways. I really like this sketch, and it goes without saying that I love my silhouette stamps. I am trying to decide if I am 100 percent comfortable with my paper choice for a sympathy card. I think that in using the brown with it and distressing it beyond its natural state, it's OK. I have no aversion to color for sympathy cards but like to keep the colors soft and serene. Cute, in my opinion, is a no-no.

Materials & Tools: Colonial White and Cocoa cardstock; Basic Grey Infuse 6x6-inch paper pack; Cocoa ink pad; Cornish Heritage Farms Silhouette Blooms I stamp set; Pewter Bigger Brads; Chocolate Distressing Ink.

If there's one thing I can say about my life, it that it is not predictable. It was smooth sailing at work until very late in the day when things went completely haywire. Realize that I work with the company's principals, and whether they are right or wrong, I pretty much have to say, "Yes, sir." I left work with a situation up in the air and understandably, I was not in a very good mood. Marv picked me up and listened to me rant and rave like a good husband should. However, we hadn't gotten halfway across town before he decided that he should rattle my cage a bit as well. Thus, by the time I reached home I was in a door-slamming, foot-stomping mood. Mr. Marv took the hint and kept is mouth shut. I holed up behind a closed door and cleaned my corner. I can work like a beaver when I'm mad.

Then, the phone rang. It was a friend who was calling to tell me she was stopping over shortly. What a difference a few minutes with my friend made. She listened. She cares. What a precious gift. While undoubtedly, I would have eventually come around on my own, her visit expedited my recovery. I patched it up with the husband who, I realize, can't help it that he does dumb "man" things once in a while. I figured out how I will approach my problem at work tomorrow and get the difficult VP to realize he's wrong and resolve the situation without him having to admit as much. I'll be going to bed in a few minutes feeling pretty good and hugely thankful for friendship. After and up/down/up day, all is well in my world, and I hope it is in yours, too. Until tomorrow, take care.


Bonnie said...

Yes, I agree, Friends are fabulous and husbands are pain in the arses at times - but that keeps us on our toes!! Your card is wonderful and the recipient will surely appreciate it!

Laurel said...

Beautiful card! I love pink and brown. I have something for you on my blog.

Patzke's said...

Great card. GLad you could figure things out and hopefully slept well. Hard to take things to bed.

Tiffany Johnson said...

Sorry about everything at work... This card is beautiful!!!

Jeanne said...

So sorry to hear about the tough day you had. Is it so difficult for men to just listen and commiserate? I think so. humpf! I'm so glad your friend came by and helped right your world once againg. Someone knew you needed her!

The card is completely appropriate in my humble opinion for a sympathy card. Very beautiful and definitely not cute.

Hope things worked out well today!

Maricar said...

The value of a treasured girlfriend is priceless. (I'm constantly reminded of that with Chris gone.)

Hugs to you, Friend.