Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Couple of Things from the Infirmary

Here's Mathias with the gingerbread house we finally got around to putting together yesterday. For various reasons, the project kept getting delayed and finally came down to now or never. Cranky as I was, I'm always patient with the kids, so it was OK. Bjorn was torn between the project and a television show that was on in the bedroom and thus, divided his time between the two. As is his nature, he high-tailed it out of the room as soon as the camera appeared. Mathias was with me for the long haul and was pretty darned proud of the outcome. Summing up the experience, I might wait a couple of years before trying it again. It was a little too putsy to hold the interest of three and four-year-old boys. As for the kit we used, I wasn't overly impressed. Somewhere, I have the Wilton templates for making a house (several models) from scratch and might opt to go that route next time. I'll also use real cake decorating tools and buy fresh candy instead of using the rock-hard gumdrops that came with the kit. Regardless of Grandma's opinions, however, you can see that little Mathias was pleased as was his photo-resistant brother.

As for the second photo, it's last night's card after a little remodeling job. I think it's an improvement. The flowers have a little more pop than they did on the green background.

If you noticed the word "infirmary" in my title, it is because we're under the weather here. Marv was up all night with an intestinal bug that, even though I've kept my distance, has hit me, too. While I'm not as achy as he is or running a fever, I feel really lousy and slept for several hours this afternoon. Darn it anyway. Neither crabby nor sick were in the plan for my much-anticipated time off from work. Prior to being "hit" this afternoon, I did get a few things done, sorting through several piles of paper "stuff" that had accumulated and were driving me nuts. Were I to make a New Year's resolution, it would be one that involves mail and the accumulation of paper. It's dumb to handle this stuff more than once, particularly when some is it is as far out as credit card solicitations addressed to the apartment building's elevator.

That's enough babble out of me for tonight, even though typing seems to keep my mind off my lurching stomach. Maybe I should wander over to my corner and see if a little stamping doesn't have the same effect. Thanks for stopping by. I hope your day has been a good one. Providing I'm not down for the count, I'll be back tomorrow.


Traci said...

oh... I liked your card yesterday but this new version is perfect!! It definately has the pop you mentioned!

Jeanne said...

Oh Kathi, what a bummer to have gotten sick when you were so anticipating your time off. I hope you are able to get rid of the bug quickly.

LOVE the photo with the gingerbread house. Mathias looks pleased as all get out, as he should. This year I let the girls work some, go off and play, and come back to it as often as they wanted. No stress on anyone! LOL

As for the card...I thought it looked great yesterday, but I do really like the changes you made to it. The flowers do pop nicely.

Feel better, my friend!

Stampin n da Hood said...

Cuuuuute Card! Of course I love all of your artwork, even if I don't comment often!!

Hope you feel better soon.
That bug has hit randomly all over the place.

Anonymous said...


I'm surprised at how different the two cards look! I loved it with the green background, but I agree that the brown looks just OUTSTANDING! This is why I want to be like you when I grow up!

(tee, hee)

Hope you feel better soon!!!
Sharli - CTMH, AZ

bunkobeth said...

Feel better soon!

I can empathize with the paper! We purged and filed today. So much for computers making us a paperless society. HA!

The gingerbread house is adorable! That is a look of pure satisfaction on little guy's face too.

Once again, feel better!