Sunday, April 19, 2009


Oddball that I am, I think of the medical term every time I see the word "aspiration." It's not a very pleasant term. And so, I love this stamp set despite it's name.

This is the card my club stampers are making tonight. We're only doing one card, which will give us a chance to take a look at the new catalog. Besides, I did well to come up with one card today. My mojo seems to come in waves, and currently, the tide is out.

Materials & Tools: Colonial White and Cocoa cardstock; Cocoa, Sorbet, and Bamboo ink pads; Unforgettable paper packet; Cocoa and Sorbet ink pads; Aspiration and Say it in Style stamp sets; Chocolate Bigger Brads; Sponge dauber; Round sponge.

I believe there is something wrong with the clocks today, as the hours have flown by. Actually, I believe I had "aspirations" (as in ambitions) of getting more done in one day than is humanly possible. Perhaps when Friday rolls around this week, I should do my work and save the "do as you please" day for Saturday and/or Sunday! LOL.

Last night, Marv and I discussed the decorating plans I've come up with for my den. I showed him my planned purchases, and he was actually impressed and kind of excited about my ideas. Of course, he had to get a tape measure to reaffirm what I was telling him with regard to how everything would fit. A man thing, I think. We're going to the Twin Cities the first weekend in May, and I'm hoping to go to IKEA. A trip to Archiver's would be fun, too, although it will have to be something I do with my sister-in-law. Me and Marv in a scrapbook store would make for a memorable occasion but not a pleasant one.

No, I'd better go finish getting ready for stamp club. Enjoy your evening!! Talk to you tomorrow.


bunkobeth said...

I Loved your comment about you and Marv in Archivers! I actually sent my hubby to an Archivers on one of his business trips because he was near one. The poor man was on the phone trying to describe things to me and then reminding me he only had so much room in his suitcase! The ladies at Archivers were all smiling at him and telling him he got husband bonus points!
Thanks for jogging my memory today!

Jeanne said...

How exciting that your plans seem to be working out well for you. I hope you make it to Archiver's while you are there! Got a good chuckle over the comment about Marv and you in the store. Yep...same situation would occur if Steve and I were to go together...same scene, different state. LOL

The card is another beauty and I'm sure your ladies will love it. Good idea to keep it quick and easy so they can start making their wish lists for the new idea book! Have fun!

Alanna said...

This is so pretty. That stamp set has been on my wish list but my purchases have been very sparse as of late. Your stamp club is going to love it.

How fun that Marv appears to be on board with your redecorating. Sounds like it will be a fun weekend. You'll have to post pictures when your space is redone.

Sharli said...

I love the card - and wish I had a fraction of your mojo even on what you call a bad day! I love the single rounded corner - - - it makes it different! (well.)

I, too, laughed at the image of you and Marv in Archivers. I'll have to "google" Archivers to see what it is - we don't have one here.

Sarah said...

I will never think of my 'Aspirations' set the same way again...LOL.
Beautiful card!
LOL @ hubby in Archivers.
Although I have one very close to me...I tend to go in eager and leave with nothing...don't know why...go figure!

Sparkle said...

Your card is so pretty! I went to IKEA this weekend and got a new desk. :) I hope you got what you wanted!

Betsy said...

I have exactly the same problem with the name of that stamp set... it just doesn't seem right!

I don't know how you are setting up your den, but I've been coveting some of the kitchen drawers. They have great organizers/dividers inside and would be incredible for stamp storage. I want to do a "stand up" work space so that is my dream. An Ikea kitchen island.

Love your cards and your blog. Thanks for all your sharing!

Kariberry said...

Pretty card! I LOL at your comment about bringing Marv to the Archives. Have him bring a chair so he can watch you shop... giggle
And the remeasuring, mine would do the same thing. They're wired that way.
Have fun!