Monday, August 17, 2009

Mission Accomplished ...

Yippee! As of about 20 minutes ago, those dreadful wedding invitations are out of my house.

And no, looking to your left, I did not change the design at the last minute. What you see is a reject, one of several design options I offered the bride and groom. Contemporary and a little bit funky, it was my personal favorite. It was the groom's favorite, too, and so, maybe we can use this design for invitations to the rehearsal dinner.

At this particular moment, however, I don't care. I just want to be left alone for a couple of days before putting together 24 pew markers that will look something like this (in different colors and with fall flowers), 400 or so napkin rings, favors, wedding programs, and who knows what else.

Oh, and if I win the lottery between now and September 19, I'll fly anyone who wants to come to TRF to help me. LOL. Seriously, I appreciate all the "I would if I could... " offers! With what the weather is doing up here, however, you wouldn't want to come. After four days of "real" summer last week, it's cold and rainy again.

Enough of my jabber. Had I been able to chase the young couple out of the house a little earlier, there would have been a card. As it was, the groom-to-be was in a silly, "entertaining" mood. I wish my mom and siblings had been here to see it. His sense of humor, silliness, expressions and even his gestures are so much like my dad's were that it's uncanny. And, because my dad has been gone since Dusty was 17, it's not imitation but rather obviously inherited traits. Also like my dad, he appears big and strong but has the softest of hearts. Like my mom, Miranda is going to have her hands full with her fun-loving, unpredictable mate. LOL.

I hope you had a great Monday. Stop back tomorrow night. I'll have a card and no commentary about the upcoming nuptials. Later...

P.S. I probably sounded a little snooty when talking about Miranda's ribbon-challenged friends. Well, we all have our difficulties. Me? I have yet to refill my ATG gun (and I've done it a lot of times) without having to watch the YouTube tutorial. While I don't know what it is about the process that isn't clicking upstairs, it's keeping me humble. LOL.


Laurel said...

Aw, good for you Kathi, I bet it feels good! The invites are beautiful!

Deborah Young said...

What a great post, Kathi! I love this version as well. And really loved your musing!

About the ATG gun - we all feel that way! I actually drew a picture of the gun, with arrows showing how to wind it, on top of my refill box. It works for me!

Anonymous said...

Just finished doing all the things that you are doing for my daughters wedding-I'd come and help you if I could-it will be so beautiful when you are done and you know the kids appreciate it! Good luck and all
to soon you to will be looking at the photos thinking
WOW that sure looked good!
Gay Masterson

Jeanne said...

Yay, Kathi! You did it! But I gotta admit to being tired hearing what all is left to do. You are gonna be one tired mama when this is all done. It's going to be beautiful for sure and I know the kids will truly appreciate your efforts.

What a lovely commentary on your son. I'm glad you enjoyed some silly time with them. That's much more important than things being "just so," right?


Anonymous said...

ROFL!!!!!!! My kids running off with my creations and a pair of scissors keeps me humble, LOL!

Kariberry said...

Beautiful wedding card Kathi! I bet you're glad they are all completed and mailled! :)
If you bought the Red ATG gun 1/4" the diagram would be in the inside cover? It was a bit challenging for me too at first. It will come. I love mine!!
Thanks friend!!

Sarah said...

Great post Kathi! I love your invite even if it is the reject.
ATG gun...hmmm it looks so HUGE!

mE said...

Oh I LOVE that wedding invitation! I can't believe ANYONE rejected it. It's Beautiful!

No, you did not sound snooty, just frustrated.... and we've all had our time with "craft challenged" folks at some point. No worries.

"I would if I could".... you should send out packets. LOL! We can mail them all back to you before Sept 19th. Hehehe! Postage is much cheaper than airfare.

Are you going to want to craft for yourself after this adventure?

Hugs to you chica!


mE said...

PS... I have to load my silly ATG gun twice each time so that I get it right... lol. And when I switch tape sizes in it (I have the yellow one with the adapter) I have to pull out the instructions.... we're all about humble pie at this house...