Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Twice as Pretty

For no reason other than I wanted to see this flower in pink, here's one more card made with Hero's Arts Special Moments set. The image was colored with Prismacolor pencils, using OMS to blend the colors. Diamond Stickles were added to the the flower centers. The simple "best wishes" sentiment will work for a birthday, anniversary, or wedding. The pretty black background paper is from DCWV's La Creme Matstack.

Materials & Tools: Colonial White, Black, and Bubblegum cardstock; DCWV La Creme Matstack; Black ink pad; Hero Arts Special Moments and Papertrey Ink Mixed Messages stamp sets; Black chiffon ribbon; Diamond Stickles; Prismacolor colored pencils; Gamsol odorless mineral spirits; Blending stumps.

How was your day? Mine was spent working my butt off while trying to get my bearings straight with regard to what day it is. Long weekends do that to me. The bride and groom-to-be had supper with us tonight after which Miranda and I went over the program, which of course, needs to be laid out and eventually printed. I hope my old Epson has it in her. LOL. An old rocker, I'm not certain what to make of the vocal music they've selected, although I'll have to admit, it's all kinda pretty - George Strait's "I Cross my Heart," "Grow Old with Me" by John Lennon, and Clint Black's "When I Said I Do." There are still 1,001 little things to do, with the 10-day "official" countdown beginning tomorrow. I also start bowling tomorrow night. Sigh ...

About yesterday, it was fun. We took the kids to the mall just long enough to get their shoes and then sent them and Grandpa to the park by the lake. Speaking of shoes, I didn't realize that shoe companies actually market shoes to audiences so young. Yup. Little Bjorn knew exactly what he wanted, and of course, his younger brother wanted the same thing. Saving us from spending a disgusting amount of money was the fact that the store had a "Buy one pair and get the second pair half off" thing going. Old Grandpa darned near fainted. However, this was the man who took his younger son shoe shopping one time and learned that his wife doesn't necessarily mean what she says.

As the story goes, I sent him downtown to get Dusty shoes. Dusty was around 10 years old (circa 1990), and when Marv asked what to get him, I replied, "Buy him whatever he wants." Nike had just come out with a new pair of Air Jordans, which, of course, were the shoes Dusty wanted. When they got home and I saw the $146 price tag I almost required resuscitation to get me breathing again. "You said whatever he wanted." "Well, I didn't mean whatever he wanted." Yea, my kid had the coolest shoes in his class that year. I probably went barefoot. His dad never took him shopping again. LOL.

That's enough chit-chat. Just had to jabber a little while I still had the chance. If you're still with me, I appreciate it and thank you for sharing my little corner of the world. I'll be back as often as time allows. In the meantime, make your week a good one! Later...


Alanna said...

This is so stunning Kathi. Truly beautiful.

I loved the Air Jordan story. Nearly $150 for a pair of shoes is insane. I cringed when I spent $70 on a pair for each of my kids this school year.

Good luck with the 10 day countdown and everything that still needs to be done.

Laurel said...

Oh Kathi, you know I love this! Love the pink flowers.

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous card! The coloring is perfection!

I don't know the John Lennon song (gasp), but I know the other two and they are beautiful!

And I about fainted when I read how much those shoes were! I can see why Marv never took him again. Wow! LOL

They market to kids so much these days, I can't stand it. Thank goodness I have been able to avoid paying too much for clothes...we avoid "brands" when we can and the girls don't seem to mind. I don't like Nickolodeon because of all the advertising, so I try to limit the watching of that channel when I can.

Good luck with the final preparations!

Carolyn Christie said...

Very pretty card! Loved the shoe story. I tell ya, they don't make shoes like they use to. The rubber soles on my kids shoes are thinner then they use to be. I'm done buying WM shoes. They have the bottoms ripped open in no time.
We shop at Kohls... If Sam had his way, we would be shoe shopping at the skateboard store. $$$$

Sylvia said...

Very pretty card. Loved the shoe story.

Sparkle said...

Such a pretty card!

Sarah said...

Ohhh that card is beautiful! You are the master of OMS!!
I was dying at the Air Jordan story...! OMG
My DD has feet so wide that she can only get shoes at Stride Rite! at $60 for a pair of summer sandals...I too nearly go barefoot.
Tell me the wedding is NOT 10 days away!!!!
Where did that time go?
Have fun bowling.

Deborah Young said...

One hunded and forty-six dollars! Yowza!!! Good grief! I was watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Nothing real about those gals - trust me! One of them took her daughter to an upscale kids clothing store. She doesn't even have a job (is kept by 'Big Daddy', who is married - not to her) and spent almost $4,000 in one day on a kid that couldn't have been more than 7 years old. Now, I have not spent that much on clothes for myself, a grown woman with a career, in ten years! Good grief!!!!!!!!!!!!!