Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Lazy Stamper’s Card

Gracious Greetings_June 2010

I sat down at my desk with no particular plan tonight. I just knew I didn’t want to sit there too long. Laying off to the side was the pad of 7gypsies paper I used to make this card. Realizing I had not yet taken the time to actually look at it, I thumbed through the pages of the pad with the piece I used to create this simple card catching my eye right away. I love the design with its “built-in” butterfly. How cool. And the biggest challenge was choosing coordinating cardstock for the punched border. At most, it was a 10-minute card.

Materials & Tools: Twilight, Cocoa, and Stampin’ Up Kraft cardstock; 7gypsies Nottinghill 6x6-inch paper variety pack; Cocoa ink pad; Gracious Greetings stamp set; KaiserKraft pearl accents; Fiskars Apron Lace border punch.

Today was a good day. I was busy enough at work for the time to pass at a reasonable pace. After work, I stopped by to visit Mom for a few minutes, which was fun. She has been working on a quilt and has made a little headway since the weekend in getting her scrapbooking room organized. It’s nice to see her so happy in her new surroundings. I came home to an interesting email from my brother, too. It involves doing some freelance work, writing articles for a blog. Woo hoo! While I need more information, I’m excited by the prospect. With my techie son working on another project for me, dreams are beginning to take shape.

I hope your day was a good one, too. Looking at my blog post from the other room, sweet husband just commented about my card. He said it looked like mud with “something blue on it” from where he was sitting. Nice. LOL. I’m off to spend what’s left of the evening in my nice, soft, warm (it’s cold outside) bed with a couple of magazines. I hope the result is a deep sleep that takes me to 6:30 am. We’ll see how that works out. “See” you tomorrow! Until then, take care.


Laurel said...

Very pretty, love the spots of blue.

Lori said...

What a pretty card. Love the butterfly.

Sharli said...

You'd better had DH get his eyes (head?) examined! Yikes.

I love it - and I can relate to those rare cards that come together quickly, they're a real treat!

I love that you can stop by for a few moments with your Mom now - gosh, that would be nice.


Sparkle said...

Very pretty! I love the butterfly!

Jeanne said...

Such a pretty card. Lovely that the paper did most of the work for you. *Ü*

Glad you had a good day at work, a good time with your mom and are excited about some upcoming opportunities! Hope you got to sleep all night in your comfy cozy bed!

Alanna said...

Gorgeous card Kathi. Looks nothing like mud to me. :) Husbands just don't understand, do they?

Glad your workday went well and farily quickly. And I'm so glad that some of your dreams are starting to take shape.