Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It’s Tuesday

Wildflower Garden_2_July 2010

That isn’t much of a title and certainly not anything you didn’t already know. It is simply the result of my lack of imagination this evening.

My card was inspired by this pretty card on The Paper Landscaper blog. Last night, I made the same card – in shades of pink. I hated it. The black, white, and red is more me. Do you, too, have an easier time making cards using colors that are in your closet?  I’d never really thought about it before but realize it to be true – in my case, anyway.

Materials & Tools: White Daisy and Black cardstock; Cranberry and Black ink pads; Hero Arts Wildflower Garden, Close To My Heart Thank You and Noted Backgrounds stamp sets; Black grosgrain ribbon.

Today was an OK day albeit a tiny bit disappointing. I didn’t mention previously that I had applied for a different job at work. I didn’t want to “jinx” myself. Now, it appears I should have told you and asked you to cross your fingers. LOL. Seriously, the job was a bit of a long shot and what some would view as a step backwards. The job was a support (clerical) position in the international sales department. Other than the fact that I’m kind of tired of marketing and would like to “get my hands dirty” again, I was intrigued by the hours this position offered – 6 pm to 6 am three nights a week, alternating monthly between Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Yes, working nights would have meant a bit of a lifestyle change but not one that would have been difficult for a night owl like me. And four days off? Yes, I could have handled that.

Two people were hired. One of the gals is a longtime sales supervisor, who most likely knows her stuff, and the other is a great gal I’ve worked with in the past who is already working a 12-hour shift in a different area of the sales department. I understood the decision to hire them.

My interview was last Friday. I thought it went very well with the exception I think a lot of interview questions are written for 30-year-olds. For example, I couldn’t even put the question, “What is the process you use for making difficult decisions?” in a workplace context, because compared to some of the extremely difficult decisions I’ve had to make over the course of 56 years, workplace decisions have seemed like a piece of cake – never anything I couldn’t figure out how to take care of. A younger person with less life experience would interpret the word “difficult” very differently.

If you’re still with me, thanks for listening. Like I said, I’m cool and when it comes right down to it, relatively satisfied with the job I currently have now that the dust has settled a bit in a department that has undergone a lot of changes in recent months.

Being I told you it’s Tuesday, I suppose you’ve figured out tomorrow is Wednesday – Hump Day – already! Are you having a good week? I hope so. I’ve noticed the blogosphere (or at least the blogs I subscribe to) is quieter during the summer and even quieter yet on weekdays. Work, and afterwards, places to go and things to do. It’s all good.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and thanks for stopping by!


Leslie said...

Hi Kathi, sorry to hear you didn't get the position you were hoping for, but glad you are okay with it. I couldn't imagine 12 hour days. I didn't think I could 10 hour days and found it wasn't so bad. Unless you happen to be in the worst part of the inner city in a school with 7 buildings and you are the only one on campus in the main building with the door bell ringing every few minutes with landscape workers wanting to come in for various and sundry reasons, and the man who is supposed to walk you to your car doesn't come after 4 pages and a phone call from the principal. Can you tell my Tuesday wasn't what i would have liked it to be? Hope the rest of your week is good, happy uneventful and lots of great things.

Laurel said...

What a great card! love those flowers!

Sharli said...

Hi Kathi,
I love your card, yes, it does look more like you! LOL

Things happen for a reason. You are very loved - and have many, many blessings. Someone is watching out for you . . .


Sparkle said...

Such a lovely card! There's still something better out there waiting for you...

Jeanne said...

I'm sorry that the new job idea didn't work out for you, but happy to hear that you are okay with it. Maybe there was something to it that you wouldn't really have enjoyed anyway. Those long hours wouldn't appeal to me, that is for sure! LOL

Your card is so pretty. Those are Kathi colors, definitely!

I hope the rest of your week goes well, my dear, sweet friend!

Sylvia said...

Neat card. I also liked your typewriter cards and the gift box with the passages paper is great. Sorry about the job. I bet that something right up your alley will come along.

Deborah Young said...

I'm proud of you for trying for the job! Change is not easy. But I also know that now you'll have more 'night owl' time to create cards for me to enjoy - mwah ha ha!!!!

Alanna said...

Your card is gorgeous Kathi. What pretty flowers.

Sorry to hear that you did not get the job you were hoping for. Maybe there is something better coming for you instead.

Take care!