Monday, November 8, 2010

Something Different

For those of you who have been blogging a while, do you sometimes feel as though you’ve done it all when it comes to card making? Hot Diggity_2_Nov 2010I am nearing 1,500 posts, and lately, I have had the feeling that nearly everything I do is a repeat of something I have done before. Of course, that is not true – a fact that was made clear to me tonight when I opened the latest Stampin’ Up catalog up to a random page. This evening’s cards were inspired by the two cards that first caught my eye on Page 96. Although, of course, the colors are not exactly the same, they are close and a color combination (Heavenly Blue and Bamboo) I don’t believe I have ever used before. The stamps are different, too, but similar and used in a different way that, most likely, I would not have thought of on my own. It was kind of fun and enough to convince me that I have yet to “do it all.” LOL.

There isn’t much to explain that the Materials & Tools list will not reveal. There was a question about my Speckled Background stamp a few posts back. It is an old (darned near brittle) CTMH wood-mount stamp that I would not part with for the world. Speckling can also be achieved with reinker ink or thinned (watered-down) acrylic paint and an old toothbrush. My precious stamp achieves the same look and isn’t nearly as messy.

Materials & Tools: Hot Diggity_Nov 2010Colonial White, Bamboo, and Heavenly Blue cardstock; Bamboo, Heavenly Blue, and Desert Sand ink pads; Hot Diggity, Solo “B”, and promotional alphabet stamp sets; Speckled Background stamp (retired); Heavenly Blue mini brads; Twine; 3/8-inch natural twill ribbon.

A Slice of Life: What a fun evening I’ve had – certainly more enjoyable than the usual Monday night. Cameron’s Sarah emailed me at work today and said she needed a couple of cards and was wondering if she could come over and check out my stash. Of course. When she arrived, I asked if she wanted cards that I had already made or if she wanted to make them herself. The girl wanted to stamp! I offered a couple of samples, and under my direction she made this card, replacing the “Thinking of You” with “Happy Birthday” for her Dad’s BD next week and the blue version of this card for a new nephew who was born this past weekend in Wasilla, Alaska (Sarah Palin territory). Although everything was new to her, she followed my directions to a tee, and her cards turned out perfect. Her excitement was contagious, too. The embossing process and the results amazed her, and she is quite taken with the Cuttlebug and all that it can do – stuff that I take for granted. Like I said, it was a good time. Such a nice young woman, too.

It was a busy day at work and as the weatherman promised, another gorgeous day. I am still struggling a bit with the time change and think I would prefer darkness at the beginning of the day as opposed to the late afternoon. Once I start working during the night and sleeping during the day, it probably won’t matter.

Did you have a good day? I hope so. Make tomorrow a good one, too. OK? Take care, friends, and thanks for stopping by.


Jeanne said...

How fun to be inspired so nicely, not only by a random page in a catalog, but also by a newbie stamper. I'm so glad you got a chance to mentor Sarah!

I don't know which cartridges you own for the Cricut, but maybe you can start using that machine a bit. I am revisiting older cartridges, looking for different cuts (or seeing them in a new way) than I did when I first got them and my mind is spinning. You can run the cut pieces through the Cuttlebug for extra texture and generally have fun just playing around. Just a thought of something different to work on if you are feeling that you are doing the same old same old.

You've had a great start to your week, my friend. I hope the rest goes just as well. *Ü*

Jeanne said...

Oh geez, I forgot to say that I think your cards look terrific. That's a great color combo there and one I wouldn't have thought of either.

Sharli said...

Hi Kathi! LOVE these cards - and they are certainly new and fresh to me!!!

I was grinning from ear to ear to listen to your story about Sarah making cards. How wonderful for both of you! This is a very good thing.


Carolyn said...

Your cards are always an inspiration to me! I enjoy seeing what you create!!
How sweet you have a new stamper in the family, Sarah has an awesome teacher! (:

Sylvia said...

Neat cards. I never thought about turning the stamps sideways. I downloaded the Stampin' Up catalog when it first came out and hardly ever refer to it. Thanks for the reminder.

That is neat that Sarah has taken to stamping. I have a friend who wanted me to help her make a wedding card for her granddaugher. She didn't know anything about stamping and now she has almost as much stuff as I do.

Alanna said...

Super cute cards. And wow, you've had more than 1500 posts? That's crazy. Hopefully we'll get to see 1500 more from you.